PPP borrowers are strongly encouraged to apply for PPP loan forgiveness before Dec. 31, 2021.
Responding to COVID-19

PPP Loan Forgiveness

We are currently accepting online forgiveness applications for Round One and Round Two PPP loans. To better serve our customers and streamline the loan process, we are unable to accept paper applications.

Please note: The process for applying for forgiveness will be changing at the end of this year to the SBA’s new forgiveness portal. We strongly encourage you to complete the forgiveness application process before Dec. 31, 2021, to avoid any challenges that may arise from the change in the application process.
Online Forgiveness Application
For assistance with the forgiveness application process, or if you are unable to log in, please email CBC_Analysis@crewsbankcorp.com.
Crews Bank & Trust and its representatives are unable to provide legal or tax advice. Please consult an appropriate advisor regarding any legal or tax consequences related to a PPP loan. Additional information about the SBA’s PPP program is available on the SBA website.

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