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We offer seminars for Estate Planning and Asset Management.

We’re proud to conduct free educational seminars designed to give you an experienced Trust Officer’s perspective on many important issues. Our staff is available to discuss a range of topics on how advance planning can help you prepare for the future,

Learn how you can achieve your financial goals for yourself and your loved ones.

Select Dates at 11 a.m.

Becoming a Floridian

Considering being domiciled in Florida or have moved here from another state to benefit fully from homestead law, no state income tax and favorable estate planning codes? Will your out-of-state documents work in Florida as you had planned? Join us to explore your checklist to be a Floridian, common problems with other states’ documents, and some helpful tips.

Jan. 26 | Webinar

Feb. 23 | Webinar

March 23 | Webinar

Select Dates at 11 a.m.

Estate Planning Basics

This seminar will review the basic elements of an estate plan, including last will and testament, power of attorney, and health care directives, focusing on the specifics and benefits of each and the pitfalls to avoid. The seminar will also include planning tools for non-married couples and couples who have remarried, plus ways to protect yourself, your loved ones and your assets.

Feb. 9 | Webinar

March 9 | Webinar

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