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BUSINESS ACH Origination

Get the Most Out of Your Business

Move money simply and securely with ACH Origination.


We offer the management tools you need to help your business grow. Pay vendors, track cash flow and detect fraudulent checks, all with our Cash Management Online Solutions.


Move money quickly and easily with ACH Origination. It’s a secure way to pay vendors and employees or collect recurring receivables. Plus, expect to see your money sooner through the automatic collection of payments, rents or fees from customers, tenants or members of your organization.

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Advantages of Direct Deposit / Disbursements:

  • Simple – simplifies the account reconciliation process
  • Confidential – reduces the risk of check fraud by eliminating payroll checks
  • Safe – eliminates the possibility of lost, stolen or damaged checks
  • Efficient – reduces the cost involved in processing paper checks
  • Convenient – saves your employees the trip to the bank to deposit their payroll checks

Advantages of Collecting Customer Payments:

  • Simple – streamlines the labor-intensive manual processes involved in handling check payments, improving the accuracy and efficiency of your operations
  • Safe – reduces returned payments and posting errors due to the speed of processing payments and the increased accuracy of customer information
  • Improved Cash Flow – payment collection is timely and automated; your company always knows when it will be receiving payments
  • Efficient – enhance your customer experience and increase loyalty by providing a convenient payment option that is reliable, accurate, and confidential


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