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Chart of the Day: 20% Less Than 5 Hours

Bar graph illustrating hours of sleep showing years 1942 ,1990, 2001,2013 and 2023. The blue portion of the bar represents 5 hours or less, black 6-7 and gray 8+ hours.


Today’s Chart of the Day is from Bloomberg and shows the amount of sleep Americans are getting is less and less.

You can see that 20% of the population only sleeps for 5 hours or less.

The article notes that there are over 50 million Americans with sleep disorders which explains why there is a $500 billion industry dedicated to overcoming it. In the 2023 survey, the biggest reason given is the most obvious one - increased use of our smart phones.

Also interesting to note, look at the difference from 1942 (before TV was widely adopted) where 65% of the populate slept more than 8+ hours vs. only 25% today.

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