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Chart of the Day: Gold vs. Oil

Samuel A. Kiburz May 7, 2024
Graph comparing the cost of gold (light blue line) vs oil (blue line) from 1870 to today. Arguments can be made that gold may be overpriced, or oil undervalued.


Today’s Chart of the Day is for my gold bugs. It is provided by Invesco and shows one way that investors use to value gold is to compare it to the price of oil, which is another commodity where the price is affected by geopolitical risk, inflation, and economic instability.

The chart goes back to 1870 and the past appears to be a good predictor. As of today, gold’s recent 14% year-to-date return may make it overpriced. However, as with all things, the opposite argument can be made that oil is the one that is undervalued. Whatever the outcome, the divergence between the two does not linger long, signaling that there may be some volitivity in the price of both in the short term.

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