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Estate Services

Manage your assets in perpetuity with Crews estate services.

Our Trust professionals will help you address important issues such as:

  • Who will inherit your assets?
  • How can you minimize estate taxes?
  • Who will care for you in the event you become incapacitated? 
We take the time to thoroughly understand the important details of your financial position. We will discuss your plans for the future and help you identify investment, tax and estate planning opportunities. With this critical information in mind, we will draw upon our experts to create a plan to address your financial objectives, now and in the future.

Estate Administration Services include:

  • Professional, impartial Personal Representative for your estate
  • Interim safekeeping of estate assets: collect and protect your assets pending settlement
  • Manage the probate process
  • Identify any creditors, validate and pay claims
  • Provide detailed monthly statements to your beneficiaries
  • Beneficiary payment and acknowledgement