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Chart of the Day: 25% More for Food

Samuel A. Kiburz Mar 26, 2024
 Today's Chart shows a 25% cumulative increase in grocery and dining-out expenses since 2020, as illustrated from the Wall Street Journal, using Labor Department data. Additionally, the analysis highlights a 30-year high, with 11% of disposable income designated for food expenditures. The rise is attributed to elevated labor and food costs, with anticipated exacerbation due to forthcoming higher minimum wage laws.


Today’s Chart of the Day is from the Wall Street Journal utilizing data from the Labor Department, showing that you are not imagining things; there has been a cumulative 25% increase in the cost of groceries and dining out since 2020. The article also notes we are at a 30-year high, with 11% of disposable income allocated towards spending on food, stemming from higher labor and food costs. Finally, increased minimum wages coming into effect could exacerbate the issue.

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