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Chart of the Day: Intra Year Swings of 26%

Samuel A. Kiburz May 14, 2024
Green bar graph showing yearly annual returns for the Standard & Poor 500 for the last 40 years, illustrating annual turn, maximum decline within each year and the average decline for this time frame, which is 14%.


Today’s Chart of the Day from Yahoo Finance shows the annual returns of the stock market by year for the last 40 years, which resulted in an average return of 12%.

It also denotes the maximum decline (pullback or drawdown) within that year with the orange dots and uses a dotted line showing these declines average 14%.

The difference between the average return of 12% and the average decline during the year of 14% reminds us that it is not unusual for the market to experience a range of 26% from low to high over a single year.

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